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Divorce, Custody & Visitation

At Tabor Law, we represent clients in Omaha, Nebraska who need help with divorce, custody, visitation, and other related family law matters.  If you and your significant other are considering divorce or if you need help fighting for custody and visitation of your children, Tabor Law can help you.  We offer comprehensive family law representation at an affordable price and, as always, we will be here when it is convenient for you.

Representing Clients in a Divorce, Custody, or Visitation Case

When representing a client in a divorce, custody, or visitation matter, we believe it is important to always keep the you up to date on what is happening in your case.  We understand that in situations like a divorce or custody battle, you maybe feeling overwhelmed and worried about what will happen.  At Tabor Law, by being available to you and keeping you updated on your case, we try to put your concerns to rest.

Concerned About How Much Hiring An Attorney Will Cost?

Keeping down legal fees in a divorce, custody, or visitation matter is something we take very seriously at Tabor Law.  We offer very competitive rates so that you can get the representation you need right away.  At Tabor Law we do our best to keep costs in line with the representation that you require, give us a call at 402-506-4444 to find out more.

Ready to Learn More About Your Divorce, Custody, and Visitation Rights?

Help from Tabor Law is only a phone call away.  We offer a free, no obligation consultations for all divorce, custody, and visitation cases.  This free consultation allows you to get to know us and explain your situation without worrying about cost.  This is also allows us to explain your rights, what the next steps are, and how we would proceed in your case if you choose to hire us.

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