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Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation benefits are one of the bright spots of Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Law.  Obtaining vocational rehabilitation requires going through a process, but once completed an injured worker may obtain job placement or retraining services in order to return the injured worker to gainful employment.

Obtaining Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

Vocational rehabilitation benefits are set out in the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act.  The Act provides the when as a result of a work injury an employee is unable to do work for which he or she has previous training or experience, he or she can get vocational rehabilitation services including job placement and training.

The costs for vocational rehabilitation benefits are paid through a special fund.  Also, an injured worker’s employer must pay weekly benefits to the injured worker while he or she is receiving vocational rehabilitation.

In order to get vocational rehabilitation benefits the injured worker must be evaluated by a voc rehab counselor.  The employer and the injured worker can to have a specific voc rehab counselor appointed but if the two parties cannot agree then the Workers’ Compensation Court must appoint one.  Whether you should agree to a specific vocational rehabilitation counselor or let the court appoint one is an important decision.  Any plan developed by the vocational rehabilitation counselor that is approved by a voc rehab specialist or the work comp court is given considerable weight and is presumed correct.

When working with a vocational rehabilitation counselor it important to have information about your work injury and any permanent impairments or restrictions that you have.  Without the proper information you may not get a plan that is right for you.  If you are interested in seeking vocational rehabilitation benefits give Tabor Law a call.  We can help you through the process and make sure you get a voc rehab plan in place that is right for you.