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Intro to Iowa Work Comp

Knowing what benefits are available under Iowa Work Comp law is essential to protecting your rights as an injured worker.  Since workers’ compensation benefits are statutory in nature it is vital that you take advantage of every possible benefit available to you.  At Tabor Law, we work to ensure that you get the medical care you need and the compensation to which you are entitled.

For your convenience we provide you with some basic information about Iowa Work Comp law that all injured workers should know.  If you would like to know more please check out the Tabor Law Blog or give us a call at (402) 506-4444.

Iowa Work Comp Law Basics

The Iowa Work Comp Act sets forth the law governing work-related injuries.  Injuries that arise out of and in the course of one’s employment are compensable under the Iowa Work Comp Act.  For such injuries, employers and their work comp insurance carriers must provide injured workers with certain benefits.  Depending on the specific facts of a worker’s injury and recovery, these benefits may include:

  • Medical Benefits
  • Wage Loss Benefits
  • Death Benefits
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits
  • Benefits from the Second Injury Fund

Since your entitlement to these benefits depends on the specific facts of your case, you should contact a firm like Tabor Law.  We can review the facts of your case and help you maximize your recovery.

Reporting an Iowa Work Comp Injury

Iowa Work Comp law requires that an injured worker notify his or her employer within 90 days of the occurrence of the injury.  This rule is strictly enforced.  If you do not report the injury to your employer within 90 days you could lose your ability to collect any benefits.

If you have been denied benefits on the basis that you failed to report the injury, call Tabor Law to discuss your options.  To learn more about Iowa Work Comp law, continue reading by clicking one of the links to the right below “More Information.”