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Iowa Workers’ Compensation Medical Benefits

Iowa Workers’ Compensation law states that injured workers are entitled to medical benefits.  Your employer is required to provide you with all reasonable and necessary medical care that is required to treat your injury. This includes mileage reimbursement for travel to and from your doctor.

Choosing A Doctor

Unlike Nebraska, Iowa Work Comp law allows the employer to choose your treating doctor. Understandably, an injured worker might question the care he or she receives by the employer-selected physician. In cases where an injured worker is not receiving reasonable care, the worker is able to petition the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission and request a change to a different doctor, this is known as a request for alternative medical care. A request for alternative medical care can be complicated and certain criteria must be met before the Commissioner will consider changing doctors. Injured workers interested in making a claim for alternative medical care should contact Tabor Law for assistance.

Advantages of Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law

Although Iowa law permits the employer to choose the treating physician, Iowa law also provides two major advantages to injured workers when it comes to medical opinions and medical bills.  If your treating physician has placed you at maximum medical improvement and provided you with an opinion regarding a permanent impairment, than you may be eligible for a second opinion with a doctor of your choosing at the employer’s expense.  Iowa law also provides relief from medical care providers seeking payment for medical services. Specifically, a medical care provider cannot seek payment from you while your case is pending before the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Have You Been Denied Medical Benefits?

At Tabor Law our number one concern is getting you the medical benefits you need to recover from your work injury.  If you have been denied medical benefits by your employer or its workers’ compensation insurance carrier, call Tabor Law today.