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Choosing a Doctor and Medical Benefits

Choosing a Doctor and Medical Benefits

Do I get to pick my doctor?  Does my employer?  What kind of medical treatment is covered?  These are common questions injured workers have after suffering a work-related injury.  Medical care coverage and choosing a treating doctor are the most common areas of concern and frustration for injured workers.  At Tabor Law, making sure you get the medical care you need is our number one concern.  We monitor your care every step of the way and we will fight to make sure you get what you need.

Here we have provided information about medical care and choosing a doctor.  If you have any further question please give us a call.

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Medical Benefits

Nebraska law states that injured workers are entitled to all reasonable, medical, surgical, and hospital services required because of the work injury.  You should also be repaid for any mileage expenses you incurred going back and forth to your doctor.

We will talk more about picking a treating doctor in a moment, but for now it is important for an injured worker to remember that once a treating doctor is chosen, the employer or insurance carrier is responsible for any referrals made by the treating doctor.  If the injured worker seeks medical care with a different doctor without a referral, the injured worker will most likely have to pay for those services without reimbursement.

Choosing a Doctor

Nebraska Worker’s Compensation Law states that following a work-related injury the employer must give the injured worker notice of his or her right to choose a family doctor as the treating doctor for the work injury.  The notice is often called the “Employee’s Choice or Change of Doctor Form.”  The family doctor must be a doctor who has treated you in the past or has maintained medical records for an immediate family member.  An immediate family member means a spouse, child, parent, stepchild, or stepparent.  Your employer does have a right to verify prior treatment with your family doctor.

If your employer does not provide notice after your injury than you are allowed to pick any doctor to treat you at your employer expense.  On the other hand, if you do not have a family doctor or do not name one, than your employer can pick the treating doctor.

Once the treating doctor is named, neither you nor your employer may change the doctor unless there is an agreement to change doctors or the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court orders a change.

Denied Claims

If your claim has been denied your employer will not pay for medical care.  You may pick any doctor you like to treat your injuries but your employer will not be responsible for the medical bills until the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court orders it to pay.

If your claim has been denied and you are not receiving medical care, call Tabor Law right away to discuss your case.